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"Oh, Cool!...
But, What's That?"

When COACHING, I witness where a student is on the learning journey, as a whole person. The lessons I impart are based in Neuroscience--what we know about how the brain learns--but are delivered only with obtained student consent. This gives students a rare opportunity to be "in the driver's seat" and opens the doors for internal and external changes.


A few examples include:

  • Improved grades in school

  • Greater Independence + Self-Awareness

  • Enjoyment of Learning + Growth Mindset

In following the students' lead, I am able to incrementally build their personal "learning toolboxes" in a lasting, motivating way. Perhaps most importantly, coaching empowers students to hear their own voices, to know which "tool(s)" to use when, and to advocate for themselves as they skillfully recognize their own needs as learners.

As we zoom in on Executive Function, students benefit from naming the NEW habits they want to create. They will evaluate (and score) their own follow-through on those habits, and also enter their grades. With use of this system, students            the correlation between their personal growth and their academic growth. 

Let's Make Learning

capable (20)_edited.png
capable (21).png

Using the AntiBoring Learning Lab Habits + Grades Tracker

capable (14).png
capable (14).png

how their

brains learn

to combat procrastination + stay organized

to create actionable

study plans

to establish healthy routine + self-talk

to Take powerful notes + make quizzable study tools

to integrate all senses into learning

capable (13).png

Using Gretchen Wegner's Anti-Boring Approach

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